asmeil Yoga India is Yoga Bhumi- World Wants Sahaj Yoga

India is Yoga Bhumi- World Wants Sahaj Yoga

India is Yoga Bhumi- World Needs Sahaj Yoga

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BY Vikas Chaturvedi

Q: You might have been doing Sahaj Yoga for fairly a while.  What’s Sahaj Yoga? 

A: Sahaj Yoga is solely the awakening of our primordial mom which is Kundalini, and is with us from ages. After we ask god for our self realisation, it goes instantly as a result of we’ve got requested with pure want of in search of. That is the largest taking place in a residing being as a result of that is probably the most tough job within the yogic kriya. 

Q: Why Kundalini awakening is probably the most tough job? 

A: Kundalini is being talked about from ages, and really much less bought their self realisation. And no guru or god gave it to lots as a result of they’ve carried out tapasya for themselves and by no means developed a technique the place they might give to others. That is solely and solely attainable in Sahaj Yoga. 

Q: How Kundalini is woke up in Sahaj Yoga? 

A: In Sahaj Yoga, Kundalini is woke up by the grace of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. She is the one who offers us self realisation. After we sit earlier than her image and search self realisation our Kundalini goes up instantly. And we really feel cool breeze in our fingers. Feeling this cool breeze is self realisation, and belief me that is the start of our new life and we evolve solely after our self realisation. 

Q: How is life totally different earlier than Sahaj Yoga and after Sahaj Yoga? 

A: Earlier than self realisation we’re like a stone, we don’t have any sensation about something. We will’t really feel the refined system in our physique. We don’t know what is correct or mistaken. However after Sahaj Yoga we really feel all the things by way of vibratory consciousness.

We come to know proper or mistaken and we come right into a state of inconsiderate consciousness which is Vilamb and this Vilamb is the distinction of time between previous and future. Once more I need to say attaining Vilamb is feasible solely by way of Sahaj Yoga. 

Q: This looks as if the lecturers of Sahaj Yoga and Vilamb? Kindly clarify this state of Vilamb. 

A: After self realisation our Kundalini takes the trail of Sushmana Nadin which is the center path and current state. This current state takes away all ideas and pondering. We aren’t nervous about previous, and usually are not fearful in regards to the future. We see all the things as a witness. 

Q: You discuss inconsiderate consciousness, Sushmana Nadi and current state. How can a standard particular person be benefitted due to Sahaj Yoga? 

A: Sahaj Yoga offers you just one factor, that’s awakening of Kundalini which is your primordial mom. Your mom is aware of what’s essential for you, and she or he takes you on an onward journey of life. Similar manner Kundalini takes you on the journey which is subsequent to unattainable – inconsiderate consciousness, vibratory consciousness and stability in life; what else a gift day human being is on the lookout for. Sahaj Yoga is a whole yoga, and the one absolute yoga. 

Q: How can one obtain self realisation? And what’s the payment one has to pay? 

A: One can get self realisation by visiting our meditation centres throughout India. Those that can’t go to ought to go to our web site and pray earlier than the image of Shri Mataji for self realisation. They are going to instantly get self realisation. And I additionally let you know an incredible factor; readers of this interview can pray earlier than the image revealed and really feel the miracle. They are going to get self realisation immediately. 

Second half about charges; I need to let you know that that is completely free, with none costs. You must simply give your coronary heart and you’ll get it. 

Q: You stated Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is the founding father of Sahaj Yoga. Inform us one thing about her. 

A: Shri Mataji is the largest incarnation who has come on this earth. She gave us instantaneous self realisation, and due to her Sahaj Yogis are able to giving self realisation to 1000’s of individuals in a single go. She got here out with the idea of self realisation in 1970 and after that this faith of Vishwa Nirmala Dharm unfold to the entire world. 

Q: What’s the unfold of Sahaj Yoga? 

A: Sahaj Yoga is practiced in virtually 150 nations of the world. Hundreds of thousands of persons are doing Sahaj Yoga and get benefitted. Due to Sahaj Yoga phrase is united, and you’ll see 1000’s of foreigners coming to India singing bhajan in Hindi and dancing on native folks tunes. They perceive Sanskrit they usually perceive Kundalini. That is by no means seen in some other faith. If we wish peace we must always give Sahaj Yoga to the entire world. 

Q: As you talked about earlier Sahaj Yogis are celebrating 100th  birthday of Mataji. What’s your message to the seekers? 

A: As I’m sustaining from the very starting, Sahaj Yoga is the one manner ahead for non secular seekers, solely manner for somebody to realize correct stability in life and to realize peace on this planet.

I would like the entire world to come back ahead and settle for Sahaj Yoga as common faith the place we worship all gods and incarnations, not blindly however with understanding. In the long run I request all readers to have a look at the image and ask Shri Mataji for self realisation.

Vikas is training Sahaj Yoga from greater than twenty years and will be reached on

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